I hosted Astah SysML Webinar

I hosted a following webinar on July 19th about “Introduction to Astah SysML”. Here’s a recorded webinar video uploaded on Youtube:

In this webinar, I created some diagrams to design a part of SUV engine System using Astah SysML. It was my first time to demonstrate Astah SysML to attendees overseas and tried to show a few these points below:
– creating model elements such as attributes by one-click
– creating lifelines automatically just by dragging and dropping a block to Sequence Diagram
– creating constraint parameters in Parametric diagram to show that its parameter will be added to the type constraint block automatically

As a product owner of Astah SysML, I’m proud of our tool Astah SysML with its ease and smooth of the operation and user-friendlyto model.

I hope that my webinar helps you to learn more about Astah SysMLWe are offering over 200 day free trial. If you are interested, download from here and try it out.

Astah SysML Download : http://astah.net/editions/sysml/download

Your trial starts right after the installation.

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Astah SysML Overview: http://astah.net/editions/sysml
Astah SysML Tutorial: http://astah.net/tutorials/sysml/overview

Thank you.
Yi Zhou

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