Astah SysML 1.0 released

Hello, my name is Yi Zhou.Yi-san
I am the product owner of Astah SysML. I’ve been developing Astah family products for about 9 years and I’m pleased to announce the first product release of Astah SysML today. Our main focus on this version was to provide users the easiest and intuitive way to create SysML diagrams.

Astah SysML logo



Try Astah SysML 1.0 for free for 20 days – and then you can extend your trial period longer. As we are developing Astah SysML by Agile product project management practice, we’d like your feedback to make Astah SysML perfectly suited for our users.

At last, below is a nice endorsement we happily received from Mr. Richard Mark Soley who is a chairman and CEO of OMG:

Richard Mark Soley OMG“SysML is already the industry standard for engineering large, complex systems; more safety and quality system development teams are rapidly adopting the language every day. Now every engineering specialty, from mechanical, to electronic to software engineering have a common language to design safe, complex systems architectures. We are pleased to welcome Astah to the fold, a unique modeling tool from Japan, from leading OMG member Change Vision.”  – Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of OMG

Thank you.

Yi Zhou

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