Scrumday2013 in Berlin


I was invited by Jean Pierre Berchez(JP) as a “guest speaker” at Scrum Day 2013, held on 12th of June, 2013 in Berlin,  It was my great to honer and I was very humbled to talk at such a big and highly considered conference in Germany.

This time, my session was Nonaka’s Scrum: People as the Conveyor of Knowledge.

Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka is called, “the grandfather of Scrum”, because he wrote an article “The New New Product Development Game“(1986) and coined the word “Scrum.”( I wrote a blog post about how Nonka and Jeff Sutherland met.)  In this session I shared some of Nonaka’s original ideas in “his Scrum” (and other literature) which have not been implemented in the “modern Scrum” (Agile software development) and I explored the ideas further to understand why and how Scrum works. They includes “SECI-model” or how tacit and explicit knowledge transform each other into innovation, and why “Design Thinking” (or empathy to the users through experience, or in his word “socialization”) should be inserted to the first part of the PDCA loop.

Just after my talk, Jeff Sutherland did a Keynote.

Jeff Sutherland keynote

Jeff Sutherland keynote

While I were there, interesting topics I attended includes;

Jens Korte
Agile Babelfish – Der Kampf gegen die Babylonische Sprachverwirrung


Jens and me


Jens Talking

It was in German, so I really didn’t understand what he was talking about, but it was interesting that he said some Japanese words Inu, Neko, Unko(which means Dog, Cat, and Poop!). No wonder his wife is a Japanese.

Boris Gloger
Das Scrum Prinzip – agile Organisationen aufbauen und gestalten

Boris is an old friend of mine, I believe we first met at Agile Development Conference 2003 in Utah, US. I’m glad I heard a lot of good things about Boris educating and coaching software engineers and management in Germany.

Uta Kapp; AllScout
Agile Improvement – Teams brauchen emotionale Intelligenz

Uta's Happiness metrics

Uta’s Happiness metrics

She gave me a set of cards like “planning poker cards” to gather happiness metrics in the team. Here’s her blog post. This idea is also talked about by Jeff in his blog post.

I felt good energy from this German Scrum community, thank you again and Happy birthday, JP!!


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