Free Code Generator for Astah

Have you tried a free code generator plug-in “any" yet?

This is a work by Mr. José Carreno in France that enables you to generate code from Class diagrams into Java, PHP, C#, Objective-C..etc. This is a great value to all the Astah Community users as currently code generating feature is available in Astah Professional only. Also Astah Professional users will be easily getting a benefit from this plug-in because it exports to other languages than Astah Professional supports (JavaC#C++ and PHP).


Click image to link to Jose's plugin page

We were honored to invite José to the Friends of Astah Program for a great contribution he made. And then we wanted to know more about him and why he decided to create this Plug-in etc and share it with Astah users. So here' a short interview with him.

Satomi (S): Hi José, it is great talking with you. To begin with, could you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Jose CarrenoJose (J): I'm a software architect and have been working on web application architecture and development for 8 years in Industry and Insurance segments.

S: All of our team was very excited to receive your code generator Plug-in. Tell us about it, what this does and who this is for..etc?

J: The any plugin is a model driven engineering extension of Astah that helps developers or architects to code their baseline software architecture from a UML model to any target language through customizable templates.AnyCode Plugin

S: What made you decide to create this Plug-in? What was your motivation?

J: Several years ago, I participated in software development following a MDA approach using AndroMDA framework. Using a UML tool was very effective as the business model to develop wasn't very simple (more than 50 business entities) and AndroMDA provided nice code generation features. It only lacked a bit of customization features and the ability to generate code to another language than Java. That's the reason why I wanted to develop a tool that would provide these missing features and I chose Astah as a UML tool for the following three reasons:
- It is a very stable and lightweight UML modelling software
- it can be extended easily thank to its SDK, based on maven and
- it provides a powerful API that enables plugin developer to "play" with UML models

S: I see. Happy to hear those reasons because those are actually two of our
"3 Reasons to choose Astah". Glad to see that our strengths reached out to you. Now what is the plan with this Plug-in? How do you want it to grow?


Jose's Roadmap to this Plugin

J: any is a very "young" project and I regularly have new ideas that add in its Roadmap. I first plan to add built-in templates for PHP, C++ and other languages to reach more and more users.
My final objective would be to extend any

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