Astah website available in Chinese now

We are happy to announce that we launched Astah website in Chinese for Chinese audiences!
In the past few years, both numbers of our website visitors and paid customers from China have been rapidly increasing.
In order to introduce Astah products for new visitors from China and make it easier for them to start the free trial, we formed one page with all the essential information and articulated in Chinese.
Also, for the trial and paid customers in China, we created a BiliBili account and uploaded tutorial videos including fundamental UML lectures, step-by-step Astah tutorial for beginners and practical team-modeling introduction videos to get the knack of using Astah quickly.

1. One simple page that tells all you need to know

This new Chinese page gives a brief introduction of two of our main products – Astah Professional (UML + ERD modeling tool) and Astah System Safety (SysML, STAMP/STPA, ASAM SCDL, GSN) with an easy access to the free trial.

2. Astah Tutorial videos on BiliBili

Astah account on BiliBili have tutorial videos for students/beginners to get an understanding of the fundamental of UML diagrams, for software engineers to learn the knack of software modeling and for Astah users to learn how to create diagrams and use the team-modeling features…etc.
We have the same contents on Astah’s YouTube account but we’ve received many requests from Chinese customers to enable them to access the videos on a different platform. So we made it on BiliBili where they can browse it easier with comfort.

Try, Learn, Share!

If you are looking for tools for UML, SysML diagrams, MBSE, STAMP/STPA, SCDL and GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) and want to learn about the product in Chinese, visit Astah’s Chinese webpage.
And if you have friends or co-workers who are looking for the same, please share this post with them.

We’re planning to update and add more information to our websites.
So please leave a comment below to let us know what contents you’d like to see in articles and/or videos.
We cherish our customers and visitors feedback and would love to create ones you actually want to see.

Special thanks!

We had many people who helped us to launch this Chinese webpage.
To many of our Chinese customers who sent us requests and also who directly conveyed their feedback during our Zoom meetings, thank you.
And a special thanks to Yuxin Zhang, Associate Professor at State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control, Jilin University for reviewing the website contents. Your expertise in the Automated Vehicle Safety Technologies (Functional Safety, SOTIF, Safety Analysis, e.g. FMEA/ FTA/ STPA) really helped us to complete the Chinese product description of Astah System Safety.

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