How to get a Full 50Day Free Trial of Astah Professional

Recently we quite often receive questions about how to get or/and extend a free trial of Astah Professional, so I decided to post the steps here. It is quite simple. And if you are a user of free edition, Astah Community, you can try Astah Professional out and come back to Astah Community as .asta files are compatible between the two editions and is the best way to find the feature differences from the free edition.

So here’s the step to get the full 50-day free trial of Astah Professional:

1. Download Astah Professional. Click [Download Free Trial] button to download.


2. Sign-up for our newsletter to hear from us when a new version is released or some promotions or special benefits are up! You can unsubscribe easily at any time.Astah New Download Page

3. Launch Astah after the installation. (See How to run Astah on Linux for the setup on Linux.) Then dialog below appears to tell you the free trial expiry date (20 days after the installation).
How to try out Astah Professional3
4. When you launch Astah after the expiry date, an alert below starts appearing. In order to get an extension on your trial, click [OK].
How to try out Astah Professional4
5. Then you will get the window below, click [Evaluation License].
How to try out Astah Professional5
6. You will be taken to this page below on your web broswer. Fill out your name, email address and a comment for us or Astah to get 30-day extension on your trial.
How to try out Astah Professional6

Then an extended trial license will be sent to you shortly. To set it up, launch Astah, select [Set License Key] (The top button on the dialog at step.5) and set it up!

That’s all. If you have any questions, feedback or feature requests, please feel free to send us over. We’d be happy to assist you with your further evaluation of Astah professional.



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