Introduction of Astah Script Plug-in

We are happy to announce that we’ve released an updated version of the “Astah Script Plug-in“. The newest version 1.1 has several new features, more sample scripts, and some bugs fixed. Here’s a post from Toshi Okamura the developer of this Plug-in to tell you a bit more about this Plug-in.

About the developer – Toshihiro Okamura

Toshi - Astah Toshi is a leader of Astah development team and has been involved with the development of Astah for over 10 years. He recently attended the JavaOne, DesignEast and OMG conferences in 2012 so you might recognize him if you were there!

What is Astah Script Plug-in?

The Astah Script Plug-in is an extension of Astah that enables you to add features to Astah via a scripting language. You can find out more on
Astah Script Plug-in

Why use this Plug-in?

You can easily add customized functions to Astah for your own needs. Things such as checking model information, counting numbers of specific models, and modify models via scripts. (See the sample actions below for more examples). This type of customization would normally require the writing of a specific Plug-in, however by using the Astah Script Plug-in, all you need to do is write a script instead. 14 of example scripts are already available that should save even more time.

Examples for what you can do

You can do anything as far as Astah API covers the models you want to use. This is a short sample of what’s possible with this Plug-in:
– Count number of Classes in the model
– Export Class information to CSV
– Create diagram list
– Extract Classes that have more than a specific number of Attributes/Operations
– List up the Associations that have no Multiplicities or Association End Names
– Delete associated models not shown in any diagrams
– Change colors of Classes that have specific stereotypes
– Create a list of hyperlinks that are used in models
– Generate Requirement diagrams from Mind Maps…etc

Hope this gives you an idea of the capabilities of this Plug-in. The 14 sample scripts are included with this Plug-in and can serve as examples for you when you want to write your own.

How do I get this Astah Script Plug-in?

Our website has all of the information you need to set up and get started. (For Japanese, please visit here.) You can also find it on Github also.


Astah is a modeling tool, not just a “drawing” tool. We are constantly making it more customizable to utilize models you created in Astah to increase the productivity. And this Plug-in is available for both Astah Professional and our free edition, Astah Community as well.

We’d love to see how you use the Astah Script Plug-in, and please share your scripts with us and other users via email or Community Site Forum! Thank you.

– Toshi

8 thoughts on “Introduction of Astah Script Plug-in

  1. Hi Toshihiro and astah users and developers,

    I try use this plugin execute the “addSetterGetter.js” example and the astah-community return this error

    “ERROR: line = 39, column = -1 Wrapped com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.exception.InvalidEditingException: Editing API is not available in astah* community. (#39) in at line number 39”

    someone can help?

  2. Hello Rafael,

    Thank you for your report.
    We are afraid that with Astah Community edition, API is available for the reference of models only, in order to actually modify models with API, you need to use Astah Professional edition.

    So that the sample script to add Setter/Getters does not function with Astah Community. If you’d like to see how it works, please get a free trial license of Astah Professional and try from here.

    References: Astah API

    Thank you.

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