Agile google trends 2004-2013 – I’m presenting at Agile India 2013

ImageI’m preparing for my first trip to India to attend Agile India 2013.

At the conference, I’ll do three talks, and the first one is “Agile adoption in Japan and Nonaka’s Scrum“. I am  preparing the talk and did a small research of the trend of “Agile”. I’m sharing a bit about it here.

The following is a “google trends” result of the term “Agile”.


As you can see;

  • The “hottest” country of “Agile” is India, followed by the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • And Brazil has soared since 2009.
  • Google only shows the trend after 2004, but I suspect there was an Agile breakout in India(like Brazil) before then, around 2003.
  • The trend shows Japan is still behind of all. Although I didn’t include China in the above comparison, China is almost as low as Japan.


The leap of Brazil(and also Argentina) can be explained by the fact that they have almost the same timezone as US, UK and European developed countries. Brazil takes advantage of the timezone to talk to their customers in real-time via telephone, Skype and other online conference tools. Companies like Ci&T in Brazil have actively and strategically been using Agile to support US companies’ Lean IT outsourcing as their business.

I attended Agile Brazil 2011 and visited Ci&T to look at how they facilitate multiple Agile development teams for different customers in the US from  Campinas, Brazil. For the detail, my interview with them are here. “Interview with Kenji Hiranabe – during his visit to Ci&T” 

Now I’m excited to visit India this year for the first time.

Thank you Naresh Jain, for this wonderful opportunity to talk in Bangalore and to meet Indian Agile People!

Naresh is a Gordon Pask Award Winner (for Contribution to Agile practice) of 2007, and I’m one of 2008.

For the record, here’s the embedded link to the google trends with the parameters I used.


5 thoughts on “Agile google trends 2004-2013 – I’m presenting at Agile India 2013

  1. Sorry, but here in Brazil the rise from 2009 was caused by the introduction of the Chevrolet Agile, a car, in October 2009.

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