Import your FreeMind map to Astah!

Import Free Mind to Astah

Exciting news for Mind Map users!Import Free Mind to Astah

One of Astah development members, Sho Ito (@shoito) has created a new Plug-in which enables you to import FreeMind maps(.mm) to Astah.

How to import FreeMind map to Astah
1) Download the Plug-in from Import FreeMind to Astah
2) Save the “mm2asta-x.x.x.jar” file in the Astah Installation Folder/plugins
3) Launch Astah (If you don’t have Astah yet, download Astah Professional or Astah UML)
4) Go to [Tool] – [Mindmap] – [Import FreeMind files] and then select your .mm file (You can import multiple files at once!)
Import Free Mind Map to Astah

How to uninstall
Simply delete this Plug-in file (mm2asta-x.x.x.jar) from Astah Installation Folder/plugins

– This Plug-in is available in Astah Professional or Astah UML version 6.5.1 or later
– Currently import of Notes/color setting/User defined icons/HTML/etc are not supported

Importing “” file to Astah Professional.

FreeMind Map

FreeMind Map (

Import FreeMind to Astah

Imported to Astah

More Plug-ins to come in very near future! Keep yourself updated with us on our Plug-in page or like us on our Facebook page!


Free Mind Map Import Plug-in:

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