Sushi Taxonomy by UML

I want to share my analysis of the “Sushi” domain.

Sushi Taxonomy by UML

Sushi Taxonomy by UML

  • Sushi is constructed by Neta, Rice and sometimes Nori.
  • There are several categories of Sushi called, “Shiromi(White fish)”, “Hikarimono(Gleaming fish)”, and Gunkan.
  • You eat Sushi with Sake or Agari(tea), Gari, and Shoyu(Soy sause), and Agari, Gari and Shoyu are free.

This is a simplest observation, and I’m happy to hear your comments!

# Several bugs are already reported… like Engawa should be related to Hirame, not to Tai. “Role” should be “Roll” or Makizushi in Japanese.


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