Thank you PHP Quebec for hosting my “Agile and Modeling” Talk

Yesterday, I was invited to PHP Quebec in Montreal, by Anna Filina
and talked about “Agile In the Agile Age”.

I wanted to say that Agile is not about making crappy code fast,
and good design has been and still is an essential part of software
development. And I proposed the simplest set of models to keep updated next to code.

Montreal is a beautiful city with new and old buildings together. We also enjoyed beer and portine. (I haven’t ever eaten such a dense dish with heavy gravy source, cheese and fried potato mixture…)


Thank you, Mathieu for helping me fix the projector, Sylvain for letting us know your map service igreffe, Karolin for introducing us to your kid and husband, Tim for coming with your collegue, Jehad and Thai for the funny conversation we had about Delphi at the metro in the final goodbye moment.

Finally, thanks Anna again, and we missed you, Yann!


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