Export Astah license info in a list

If you have multiple Astah licenses in your account either for yourself or your team, now you can export all the info to CSV.
With the list, you can grasp all the license info your team has, add remarks who’s using which license, schedule when to renew and share it with users on Google Spreadsheet..etc!



smarter2 How to export your license information

1. Login to ChangeVision Members

2. Go to [License Management] menu
Astah License Management.png

3. Now you see [Export list as CSV] button on the top
Astah License Management in CSV button.png

4. Click this button to export

You can customize the sheet as the way easier for you to manage all the Astah licenses!


If you’d like to co-terminate all the license your team has, we’d be happy to arrange the co-termination, so feel free to contact us!

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