Use alias features in offshore outsourcing

What solves communication problems in offshore outsourcing?
Visualizing software design using UML for a communication is one, and if the diagrams were in native languages for both contries, it surely helps the whole team to have the shared understanding more easily and effectively.
To enable this, Astah Professional offers the [Alias Feature].

smarter2  Specify Alias for models

    1. Click  [Alias] Tab
      Astah Alias in UML diagrams 1.png
  1. [Alias] pane opens and you can directly type Alias for each model
    Astah Alias in diagrams.png

You can specify up to two aliases for each model.
Astah Alias in UML diagrams 4.png

smarter2  Display alias in diagrams

To display a diagram with alias, go to [View] – [Alias] – [Alias 1 or 2]

Astah Alias.png
The diagram models will be displayed with specified alias.
Astah Alias UML diagrams 6.png
*The alias example is Japanese.

smarter2  Available Edition

Alias feature is available only in Astah Professional edition.
Try it out with 50-day free trial!

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