Astah version 6.9 does not launch on Mac

■Product and version:

Astah Professional, UML, Community 6.9


On Mac, Astah vesion 6.9 fails to launch.


There are two solutions to avoid this error.
Solution A works only if you have launched ver6.9 before. If you never used ver6.9, try solution B.

A: Turn off the Startup Screen

  1. Open the following file with text editor
    • Astah Professional:Userhome/.astah/professional/
    • Astah Community: Userhome/.astah/community/


  2. Make the value of “diagram.editor.initial_operation” option as false

  4. Launch Astah

B: Use the latest update of Java8 to run Astah

  1. Download the latest Java 8 SDK, and install.

  3. Copy the [jre] folder of your installed JDK.
    (Usually you can find it under /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_144.jdk/Contents/Home)

  5. Right click on the’s and click [Show Package Contents]

  7. Paste and overwrite the [jre] folder you copied with the existing one in the Contents/PlugIns/JDK/Contents/Homejavavm2.png

  9. Launch Astah again

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