Synchronize selected model on diagram and in structure

Hi there,
I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.
Thank you for using Astah

The FIFA World Cup is comming soon. Some people are looking forward to it. I am one of them. In 2014 Brazil VS Germany was the most impressive game.
What can we see this World Cup? I want to see the direct rematch of between these teams.
We set the theme of Astah’s startup screen of June to football.
Let’s get ready to rumble!”

This time I will tell you how to show selected model on diagram in the structure tree view.

Showing model in the structure tree view is used to do operations that can only be done from there, such as confirmation structure, moving to other package, duplicating models, converting models and referring other diagrams in which the model is used.

You can do it with context menu of selected element,


but there is another way to do it. It is synchronizing selected model on diagram and in structure tree view. It relieves you from using menu every time you need.

Please see the following animated GIF.
When you press the downward triangle button at the top of the structure tree view, a button appears.
By keeping this button ON, a model corresponding to selected model in the diagram is selected in the structure tree view.


In addition to the structure tree, similar options exist in the hierarchical tree and alias view. And you can also display actions and states besides classes and packages in the structure view. So use it as necessary. For details, please see the following.
Show States and Actions in the Structure view

By the way, Don’t you think it is difficult to find this option button.
It may be better for you that it is visible by default.
It might not be necessary for those who are reading this article anymore, but we will do that in the next version.

Have a nice modeling!

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