Add customized fields to models

Recently we received this question through this blog:

“Q: Is there a way to edit a requirement to add more attributes?
For instance, in my domain the requirements diagram has “type”, and “priority” in addition to “ID” and “text”.”

For readers who are not familiar with Requirements, in Astah Professional, you can create a “Requirement” model in Requirement diagram which has “ID” and “Text” fields inside.
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 13.35.34

And the customer wants to add “type” and “priority” fields in this Requirement. My answer was “it is possible only using the Note“. But this will take some space up on the diagram and is not really efficient.

Another way I didn’t think about then is this –  use the [TaggedValue] tab to add “Type” and “Priority” information for Requirements.

You can do this manually or let the .asta file have these items by importing this setting.
For Gregg, I’ve made this .asta file that you can use – “Type” and “Priority” columns are already included when you select Requirements.
Download this .asta file from here.taggedvalue2.png

There is one negative point in this way – is that these items will not appear on diagrams. But if this works still, you can make this file as a “default” file so that it opens every time you create a new file. To do so:

  1. Save this file in the Userhome/.astah/professional/template/project/.
  2. Launch Astah Go to [Tools]-[System Properties]-[Project].
  3. Choose [User Template] and enter the file name.

So this file opens every time when you create a new file.
To learn more about template files, check out the Astah User’s Guide.
If you’d like to learn how to define TaggedValues, check out the Astah User’s Guide – TaggedValue.



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