Improve usability in 8.0 ~ make it easy to resize element and change connection ~

Hi there,
I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.
The other day, new version 8.0 has been released.
Have you tried it?

Well, the usability of editing diagrams has been improved in version 8.0.
This time, I introduce the usability improvements around resizing elements and change connection, which are frequently used.

Please look at the following images.
Left is version 7.2, right is version 8.0.

In 7.2, I think some people feel that it is difficult to grab a knob. In 8.0, the size of knobs is larger by 60% than before to make it easy to grab. The logic of grabbing is also adjusted as it seemed.

Then, in 7.2, there was a situation that the knob hide behind the diagram element, making it difficult to change connection from one to another. Change connection is frequently used in sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, state machine diagrams, etc. So, it caused to make you feel inconvenient many times. In 8.0, the knob is not hidden behind elements.

It is also possible to change the size of the knob. It can be same before, or it can be even larger. I hope you set your preference size so that you can model without feeling stress as much as possible.

Next time, I would like to introduce about other improvement of usability.

Download 8.0 from here

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