[Fixed in 8.1] If it takes longer to load .asta files after updating to ver8.0

■Product and Version:

Astah Professional, UML and Viewer | Version 8.0


It takes long to load .asta files after updating to version 8.0.


Using Java version 1.8.0_144 for Astah can get you out of this trouble.

  1. Download JRE 1.8.0_144 from the link below.
    Linux (Download Java SE Development Kit 8u144)
  2. If you are on Windows/Mac: Unzip the jre.zip file you downloaded
    If you are on Linux: Install the file you downloaded
  3. Locate the “jre” folder in the specific folder by following the page below.
    FAQ: I want to use a specific version of the JavaVM
  4. Add -nojvchk” option to launch Astah  (If you are on Windows, create a shortcut of Astah”s exe and then add this “-nojvchk” option in the Target field. – Ref: Adding a parameter to an exe in Windows10 )
    If you don’t use this option, the error as below appears.
  5. Load .asta file again

■Plan to fix:

Under consideration. Will update here when it’s determined.

■Bug ID:


PS: Thank you very much for your report, Arnaud.

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