Passion that Holstee’s powerful Manifesto reminds us of..

This manifesto poster is made by Holstee; we have one hanging in our office.

When Kenji (our CEO) first showed it to us, I remember having tears in my eyes. He shared it with us not just because he likes the sentiment so much, but also because it reminds him of the inspiration and passion he had (and still has) when he started Change Vision and also when he started developing Astah.

It’s been over 10 years since Kenji started developing Astah with a passion to “make software development more creative, productive and FUN”. (Look at our company and our CEO for more about why we develop Astah.) Holstee and Change Vision may be in different fileds but we share the same passion to strive to be the best at what we do, while maintaining our core beliefs. We also have our own statement of values, our CREDO.

Kenji translated the Holstee manifesto into Japanese (I helped editing) because he wanted to share it with more people in Japan and also wanted to let the Holstee know that there are many fans of this manifesto in Japan. It has since been published on their official blog: “The Holstee Manifesto Now in Japanese” (Thanks to Dave & Mikey). Furthermore, while we were visiting New York to meet our clients in July, we visited Holstee’s headquarters and met Mike and Dave in person. They are two of the writers of this manifesto. We were thrilled to meet such energetic and passionate people like them at their fun office which has a gorgeous view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge. We left there with many of gifts from them and full of joy from their warm welcome.

Quote: “Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them.”
This visit and the whole process that led us to meet Dave and Mike, wouldn’t have happened without their passion to write their manifesto and ours to translate it into Japanese. Passion is essential to make anything possible and that is truly what Change Vision cherishes.

(Bottom) Gifts we received from the Holstees and cute temporary tattoos from TATTLY from Yoko-san who showed up during our visit! Great Stuff!


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