Interview with Ci&T in Brazil

I got interviewed by Ci&T, based in Campinous, 1.5-hour drive from Sao Paulo.

They are running more than 20 project in Agile approaches. Enjoy a lot of photos I took at their Gemba, as well as my reflections on Agile Brazil 2011.

Interview with KenjiQuestions and answers includes;

  • What was your overall impression of Agile Brazil? Were you surprised by the size of the event?
  • Do you think the size of the event is an indication of Brazil’s accomplishments in agile methodologies?
  • Do you see the same situation in Japan?
  • What was the topic of your presentation?
  • You are the creator of “astah”(formerly known as JUDE). Did you find developers in Brazil who are using astah?
  • What is your overall impression of Ci&T and our expertise in agile methodologies?

Here’s the interview! Enjoy.

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