Astah new release – Ver 6.5, Bug-fix 6.4.2 and Astah Share 2.5

We are pleased to announce that we have released:
1. Version 6.5 for Astah Professional, UML and Community
2. Version 6.4.2 (bug-fix) for Astah Profesional and UML and
3. Version 2.5 for Astah Share

1. Astah Professional/UML/Community 6.5
We started Plug-ins support, so you will be able to create your own plug-ins to extend Astah’s ability to achieve your specific goals. (We are currently working on this tutorial guide.) We have three Plug-ins available on our website for now, C++ Reverse Engineering, DB Reverse Engineering and Easy Code Reverse which is introduced on our previous blog that reverses Java source code on Github, Bitbucket, Google Project Hosting and other repository services into UML Class Diagrams by dragging and dropping the URL to Astah. Please visit our New features page for what’s new in version 6.5.
Download Astah 6.5 :

2. Astah Professional/UML 6.4.2
This is a bug-fix of 6.4.1. If you are using version 6.4 or 6.4.1, please update to 6.4.2. You can see what bugs have been fixed in the Release Notes.

Astah Professional 6.4.2 : Download / Release Note
Astah UML 6.4.2 : Download / Release Note

3. Astah Share 2.5
Sharing your diagrams has become more easily on any web pages! Astah Share 2.5 now enables you to embed your diagrams and modeling information into any blog pages like blog and wikis easily! Try Astah Share for free.

Also Astah Publish (Absolutely free) is another easy way to share your diagrams on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Wikis!

Embedded Images on Astah Share

Astah Publish

Hope you enjoy the latest version of Astah! Please feel free to send us any feedback or more feature requests at contact us anytime. Thank you!


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