An improvement on Astah Support form

We’ve made a small improvement on our support ticket form. It’s a new [C.C Address] field we added based on one of our customers request. He is a license manager at his firm where they own a large number of licenses and he wanted to track all the issues that other users at his firm report to us in order to grasp what problems they are having with Astah. So hope this improvement helps him and others who want to share your report with someone else or want your reply sent to other email address than what you put in [E-mail Address] field as well.

For those who have not seen this before, this is a form you can access to submit support ticket during your license support period. You can access here by:

– logging in to ChangeVision Members and select [Product Support] from left or
– selecting [Help] – [astah* Support] menu from Astah





All the tickets we receive through this form are our top-priorities and will be responded by Astah Support faster than other messages delivered via other channels.

We value and love interactions with our users. Please feel free to send us any feedback to Astah products, feature requests or anything at any time.

Thank you,

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