Linda Rising interviewed on Fearless Change in Japan

Linda Podcast

Linda in SPaMCAST

Linda Rising — my all time mentor and my first shepherd of pattern language — was interviewed by Tom Cagley and the audio is published from SPaMCAST.

In the interview, she mentioned her recent talk at AgileJapan2011, held only one month after the earthquake in Japan. She says that she found during her visit and meeting people here that the heart of this Fearless Change pattern language is “Evangelist” — believing in what we are doing.

At AgileJapan 2011, Tokyo was the main venue, but it was connected with 11 satellites including Sendai, the area of the Tsunami disaster. In the talk, she told us to believe in the future, so that we can recover from this situation and change yourself, your team, your organization and even the country “Japan”. That talk was phenomenal and moved a lot of Japanese engineers gathered there, at that moment.

I wrote about this at InfoQ sometime ago.

I can still remember the standing ovation after her talk.


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