How to extend Astah’s free trial period

We have streamlined our evaluation process.

As you may have experienced before, in order to try out Astah, you were required to enter your name and email address, and have your evaluation license key file emailed to you, download Astah, set the evaluation license up to Astah, and then, finally you were able to start trying it out.

Well, we cut all the process involved with this and made it the simplest way possible.

Now all you need to do is download Astah Professional or Astah UML from our download page. That’s it. You can start exploring Astah as you launch it. If you have not tried out the latest version, 6.5 yet, just download and try it out.

Download Free Trial : Astah Professional  / Astah UML

If 20-day-trial is not long enough, there is an option to extend it. Go to [Tool] – [License] and click [Evaluation License] button. A questionnaire will be shown in your web browser. By filling out our simple questionnaire, you will be able to extend your trial period for 30 more days. Your answers will be reviewed by Astah development team and used for improvements of Astah.

Hope our change will help saving your time. We look forward to receiving your feedback at any time.


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