Astah Plug-in development tutorial guide published!

Good news for all the users who have requested us for Plug-in support.

As you already know, Astah has started Plug-in support since version 6.5 and we currently have the following three Plug-ins available:
C++ Reverse engineering
DB Reverse engineering
Easy Code Reverse – Instant reverse engineering of Java from Github, Bitbucket, Google Project Hosting..etc

And for users who would like to create your own Plug-ins, we just published a tutorial guide for how to develop Astah Plug-ins and also SDK that we prepared for you to develop Plug-ins with. So you are able to develop Plug-ins to add specific abilities and customize the functionality of Astah. This tutorial describes how to develop Astah Plug-ins with using Eclipse or Intelli J with a few samples of adding a customized menu in Astah or extended view like a figure below.

(i.e. Adding an extended view from “Let’s add an extended view to Astah“)

Download of tutorial guide and SDK is available from Astah Plug-ins page.Astah Plug-in Development Tutorial Guide

To talk about Astah Plug-ins, we have made some space for you.
Astah Community Site Forum
Facebook wall

We also like to hear what Plug-ins you would like us to provide in the future with version 6.6 release. Please send us your request through email, via spots above or even a reply to this blog post. We’d love to hear from you!


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