Astah Viewer is now on Gadget!

Introducing another option to view Astah diagrams!

My colleague and one of Astah development members, Sho Ito (@shoito) has created an “Astah Viewer” OpenSocial Gadget called “Astah Viewer Gadget”. You can view diagram images created by Astah such as UML, ERD, Mind Map, Requirement diagrams and others on a Gadget on iGoogle, infoScoop or any other services you can use Open Social gadgets with.

Astah Viewer Gadget

Astah Viewer Gadget

The original post (Japanese) is on

With his permission, here is a step to use the Astah Viewer Gadget in English.

1. Add Astah Viewer Gadget (Adding it to iGoogle in the sample figure)
Gadget URL :

Adding Astah Viewer Gadget on iGoogle

Adding Astah Viewer Gadget on iGoogle

2. Upload your .asta files on Astah Publish (Go to or click the image below and then drag and drop your .asta file inside the center, it automatically uploads all the diagrams and then gives you a URL.)

Astah Publish

Astah Publish – Just D&D your .asta file on the center

3. Enter the URL you received from Astah Publish (e.g. and done!

Astah Viewer Gadget on iGoogle (Well, my personal iGoogle with Edward Monkton :))

If you have any comments or feedback about this gadget, please tweet them out to Sho Ito (@shoito)!


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