Thank you all for your support in 2011!

Only 3 days left in 2011 and today is our last day to come into the office in 2011. I was looking back what we’ve done in 2011 and wanted to show my deep deep appreciation to all the users on this blog today.

Especially because this year we had the most number of interactions with users in the past 5 years since the launch of Change Vision. To us who value the communications with users the most, this was a very exciting outcome and to myself as a customer/tech support, I am filled with gratitude to have been able to connect with many users and receive feedback.

Here are some of what we’ve done in 2011.

– Communication Side
1. Renewed Astah website — Got clean with better navigation
2. Opened Astah Facebook page — Share the latest news
3. Started Astah Blog
4. Launched Friends of Astah program — Was such a great start to contribute Open source projects by providing free licenses and to open more opportunities to talk to the users, listen to them and learn how they use Astah and how they’d like Astah to be. Now we have 40 friends and still accepting more applications! Apply

– Astah Development Side
1. Mac OSX and Linux official support
2. Plug-in Support
3. Free web sharing service, Astah Publish
4. Plug-in with Atlassian Confluence (Demo clip below)
(A Plug-in with Atlassian JIRA will be coming out in 2012! Stay tuned!.)

We strongly value user’s feedback since the launch of Astah. Improvements are constantly implemented based on them and we provide API and Plug-in development kit to open a capability to create their own Plug-ins to maximize the use of Astah to meet their own needs.

So please feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you think about Astah and share how you would like to use it with us. Hope we will hear more from you in 2012, and that will lead Astah to where it is supposed to be.

At last, here’s my personal remarkable memory of 2011
1. NY and NJ trip to Visit Astah customers
2. Lots of heartwarming messages from users — I do enjoy communicating with all the users through email, bug reports, community site forum via any mediums. This year, the number of mails in my mail box has remarkably increased and it includes such nice offer to create Astah demo clips in their own language (Dutch, Portuguese..etc), an invitation to visit their school in Brazil (Kenji visited there and this came true), and an invitation to have a beer with them in Germany – Hopefully all will come true in near future. 🙂

2011 has been awesome thanks to all of our users. Thank you all very much.

We’ll keep our best to make our tool and support to be the best for you.

Happy holidays and happy new year.


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