2012 new year’s hand writing — “Live Your Life”

Live Your Life

My new year hand writing

Every year, I hand-writing some words (a Japanese custom for new year’s resolution) on the second day of January. This year I tried an English version! (usually, it is written in Chinese characters or Japanese.)

Live Your Life

We experienced a huge disaster in Japan last year. I read new year’s greetings post cards and found that a lot of people in Fukushima had not been able to come back home yet. I realized again that this “life” is just once and you cannot control it. But it is given to all people and you can choose what to focus on.

We have been developing astah*, the software design tool and my dream is to make it the world’s most loved tool for developers. I’ll keep this dream in my mind and will spend this whole new year.

I experienced a lot of things last year. I visited Brazil, New York City, Cleveland, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and a lot of other places to see and talk with our customers and users.

And thank you very much to all the “Friends of Astah“, who have become new supporters. This year, so many people joined to the list, including;

And from open-source projects;

  • Giovanni Azua -Switzerland … PerfectJpattern: Reusable, Type-safe componentized Java Design Patterns
  • Hugo van der Ze -Brazil … Cyclos: On-line banking system with e-commerce, communication and etc. tools.
  • Ireneuz Pastusiak -Poland … UML2TC: Conversion from Astah UML Activity Diagram to Test Cases
  • Jerome Raduget (project owner) -France … KaleidoFoundry: Simple and extensible java integration framework:

I’m very humbled that so many people worldwide are interested in our tool astah and actually using it in their projects. I’d like to visit every one of you some time ! 🙂

And my last year’s special thanks to Sean Osawa for connecting us to Atlassian, Hugo Corbucci for inviting me to Agile Brazil, Fabricio and Prof. Carlos(Biluka) for inviting me to UENP in Bandeirantes Parana, Anderson Tadeu Milochi and Mauricio Pimentel for welcoming me at BandTec in Sao Paulo, Brian Noll for the great discussion we had in New Jersey, Bruno Guicardi for the tour of your Agile projects at Ci&T in Campinas, Alex and Scott for creating such a neat English web site with us.

This list goes on but I know all of you here are living your dream … I like talking with people who are living their lives with passion.

I wish you all a very happy new year.


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