3/22 Astah 6.6 Released!

We are pleased to announce that Astah 6.6 is now available!
As my previous post shows, a lot of implementations on 6.6 will increase the flexibility, productivity and customizability on your modeling.

A lot of improvements are achieved on Mind mapping, Plug-in architecture, API extension, Activity Diagram UML 2.x support and etc. Check out the highlighted new features/improvements from the link below and update to 6.6! Also it includes bug fixes – more than 35 of them.

What’s new in Version 6.6!
What's new in Astah 6.6

Astah Professional 6.6:
Download / Release Note

Astah UML 6.6:
Download / Release Note

Astah Community 6.6:
Download / Release Note
Following contents are also updated.

Astah API documents (API User Guide/JavaDoc etc)
Astah Plug-in SDK (Updated according to API extension)
Astah Plug-in Development Tutorial (More sample code snippets included)

Thank you all for your support for letting us to have this day.
We’d be happy to receive any feedback and keep growing Astah with you.


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