Online Mob Modeling with Astah x miro!

Have you tried Mob Programming? If you aren’t familiar with the term “Mob Programming” or just “Mobbing”, it is a software development approach where multiple developers work on the same thing at the same time on the same computer. It brings great positive effects in knowledge sharing among team members with different level of skills and boosting productivity.

We adopted Mob Programming and we’ve gone beyond. Now we are doing “Mob Modeling”!

The approach is the same as Mob Programming.
The team members get together and do the software modeling using our modeling tool – Astah or whiteboard instead of using a text editor.

We LOVE Mob Modeling, but…

We LOVE Mob Modeling.
However, due to the pandemic we are forced to work out from home now as we all are experiencing.
So, to continue the Mob Modeling remotely, we transposed Astah and whiteboard to a collaborative whiteboard tool miro.

We LOVE miro! It is a splendid tool and is impeccable for online collaboration. However, sometimes I want to go into details and refine the diagram after Mob Modeling. So we’ve made a plug-in to export the miro diagram to Astah! (and vice versa)

Watch 2-min demo video!

What you need to start Online Mob Modeling!

1. miro
2. Astah (Free trial is available!)
3. Astah – miro plugin (Completely free!)

It is completely free to start Online Mob Modeling with Astah and miro.
Give it a try, experience the power of Online Mob Modeling and let us know what you think! 🙂

Thank you!


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