Astah 6.6.3 – Bug-fix Released!

Astah 6.6.3, bug-fix version for all the editions of Astah 6.6 is now available.
Please update to the latest version now:

– Astah Professional 6.6.3  (Download / Release Note)
– Astah UML 6.6.3 (Download / Release Note)

– Astah Community 6.6.3 (Download / Release Note)

We apologize for making you update again already after only a month since ver6.6’s release, however there were few important bug reports after ver6.6 release. (Thank you again for the reports, Marcelo and others who had reported us.) Please refer to Release Note for detailed information about fixed bugs.

Also Astah’s web-viewer, Astah Share’s bug-fixed version has been released.
– Astah Share 2.6.3 (Download / Release Note)  — What is Astah Share?

Thank you all again for your support to Astah.

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