Astah 6.7 Released!

Save diagrams as SVG

We have released Astah version 6.7 with new features and over 40 bug-fixes.
We’ve measurably increased the speed of operation especially when you are using a file that contains hundreds of Classes. Astah 6.7 works much faster to enable you to modify more information your diagrams quicker.
Below is a list of some of the new functions/improvements made in 6.7.

Save diagrams as SVG

SVG Export got easier.

Improved System Properties
Easier Plug-in Install
Easier SVG Export
Astah Newsfeed
Icon Update
New Shorcut keys
More API Extension

Check out the details at New Features 6.7 page.

Astah Professional 6.7  – Download / Release Note
Astah Community 6.7    – Download / Release Note
Astah UML 6.7
(For existing users)    Download / Release Note

If you are using Astah Community edition, but want to try out Astah Professional, simply visit Astah Professional’s download page and download the 50-day free trial there. (How to get full 50-day trial of Astah Professional)

For Mac user, please read the Astah’s System Requirement Update for Mac


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