Astah SysML Beta 0.9 Released!

Today we released Astah SysML Beta 0.9 with many bug-fixes and a few improvements below.

1. New model elements added on Tool menu
Notes with rationale and problem stereotypes are now on the tool menu of all of the diagrams except Mind Map to enable you to make those with one click.
Astah SysML






2. Opening a Parametric Diagram from Block
Now you can open a related Parametric Diagram directly from Block’s pop-up menu.
Opening a Parametric Diagram






Major changes from previous version (For existing Astah SysML Beta users)

1. Change of file extension
Since version 0.9, the file extension has changed to “.asml”. In order to load existing .asta files made with earlier versions, please change the file extension to “.asml” then load. In case the file contains diagrams and models that version 0.9 no longer supports such as Class diagrams, loading may fail. In that case, please delete those from the file and try again.

2. Mac and Linux not officially supported
We still provide installers for Mac and Linux however those aren’t fully tested. So please send us feedback if you encounter any problems on Linux or Mac.

3. A few features under [Tool] have been removed
A few features have been removed from the [Tool] menu such as RTF document and HTML exports. These are still in development and not quite ready for beta testing yet.

4. Extended trial license changes
A license file for Astah Professional will no longer apply to Astah SysML and a specific license file will be required for a longer trial. If you’d like one, please let us know.

We’ve already emailed a new trial license file to existing Astah SysML Beta users. If you didn’t receive it, please let us know.

We’d love to hear your feedback, please let us know what you think about Astah SysML, feature requests, etc.

Download: Astah SysML 0.9 Beta


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