Released: Astah Professional & UML v8.4.1

We released software updates that have fixed several bugs found in:

All the users who are currently using version 8.4 can update to the version 8.4.1 without any upgrade fee. If you are using the earlier versions and wonder if you are eligible to update to version 8.4.1, please contact us!

Details about this release can be found in the Release Notes.

Release Notes

Please click the edition logo to read release notes for each specific edition.

The fixed-bugs include EMF copy & paste issues and also problems with team collaboration feature called “Reference Model Management“.


  • If you have Astah Professional perpetual license and your license support period covers June 30, 2021, you can update to version 8.4.1. (How to check your support expiry date)
  • We stop providing version 8.4.0 as of September 29th, 2021.

Astah Viewer is also updated!

Astah Viewer is a free viewer to open diagrams created by Astah Professional and UML as read-only.
If your team is using Astah Viewer or letting your clients use it for reviewing your diagrams, please have them update to the most stable latest version 8.4.1.

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