Who wants to meet CEO Kenji in Germany?

CEO, Kenji Hiranabe is coming to Germany in June to attend the two events below.

1. Scrum Day (June.11-12)

Kenji will be attending as a special guest to talk Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka aka “the grandfather of Scrum”‘s original ideas in “his Scrum” and other literature which have not been implemented in the “modern Scrum” (Agile software development) and explore the ideas further to understand why and how Scrum works.

2. OMG meeting (June.17-21)
Kenji will talk and share the experience on how to OMGeffectively use both SysML and Assurance Case (D-Case) for an RTC (Robotic Technology Component)-based robotic application, with a short demonstration of our SysML tool, Astah SysML.

3. Also…

During his stay in Germany, he’ll be willing to meet Astah users in person, attend any user groups, seminars or meetups (any size, in-house or public). If you are interested in meeting him in person or/and passionate to organize events with him, please contact us. We’ll be happy to be in it and make the most of it.

He is a frequent speaker of international conferences with the topics below, especially in Agile conferences (Agile Brazil / Agile India)
– Agile
– Scrum
– Lean (TPS)
– UML, SysML modeling,
Use of Mind mapping in Agile modeling,
– Project visualization and facilitation…etc

You can see some of his interviews/articles/presentations at Meet our CEO page.

Looking forward to hearing from many of you!


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