Astah received “ComponentSource Best Product Award”

We got this "Top 25 Product" Award

We got this “Top 25 Product” Award!

Hello Astah users,

I’m humbly proud to announce that our product Astah Professional received today a “ComponentSource Top 25 Best Selling Product Awards 2012-2013 Worldwide.”

We have been serially receiving this award since 2009, so this is our 4th award winning. Every year Harry Kelly, Managing Director at ComponentSource, informs me this exciting news and it always makes my day. I’m so glad that this product keeps selling worldwide for this long time. Thanks, Harry!

A little bit of a short history here. I started selling Astah in Japan first — back then it was called JUDE (Java UML Developers’ Environment) — and around 2006 I started thinking of how I can extend our user base and sell this thing outside of Japan.

Scott Sata(佐多さん)

Scott Sata(佐多さん)

I was first introduced to Mr. Scott Sata (CEO of ComponentSource K.K. in Japan), via Iwakiri-san at Shoeisha, and we together started working on branding this product to extend our market worldwide.

Harry Kelly, UK

Harry Kelly, UK

Along the way, I got to visit Harry Kelly in London, the sender of the award email above, and received a lot of practical advice on how to make sales better and how to make our customers happier, based-on real figures of our product sales (over a nice lunch Scotch 😉 ). They are a real *worldwide* reseller and have a lot of expertise in establishing the brand in the developer’s components and tools world.

Thank you, Sata-san and Harry again. We couldn’t have achieved this result without your generous engagement and collaboration.


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