Astah Exhibition at JavaOne

At the end of September, we exhibited Astah at JavaOne which was taken place in San Francisco.

Exhibition staff were Kenji Hiranabe (CEO), Toshihiro Okamura (Astah Product owner), Alex & Mike from our US branch (Seles) and Satomi Joba (Customer Communications).

During the 3-day exhibition, we had so many Java developers came to our booth that we enjoyed conversations with and introduced a brief of Astah products, a demo video of Astah, 3 reasons to use Astah, we introduced our new white papers below.

Agile Modeling

“Modeling in the Agile Age”
Agile methods have become mainstream in software development, working code and automated tests are being considered as the most important team artifacts. Is modeling obsolete? Is UML dead?
I’ll explore the spaces where modeling fits and plays an important role in this Agile age, especially when development scales to multiple teams
and a shared understanding of the system’s “Big Picture” becomes essential.

“Continuous Modeling”
“Continuous Modeling” is a periodic activity to share improvement ideas or change model structures within a team to effectively synchronize the “Mental Model” and code base by having a regular short discussion using diagrams.

We’ve got positive feedback to these white papers and it was great hearing what they are looking for in UML modeling tools and learning how much modeling they are doing in their projects..etc. Also we’ve heard many questions about Eclipse Integration, Reverse Engineering, Code Generation, Model exchange with other UML modeling tools etc. Some are yes in Astah Professional and some are not but Toshi is now sorting out all the feedback and planning what to implement in the future release, so if you have any feedback or questions, please get them to us now.

Cam with GoldenHammer Trophy!

It was also very special to meet Astah users there in person and we enjoyed the visit of familiar faces such as a member of Friend of Astah, Kevin (who was also a speaker at the conference) and Cameron Roe who was a winner of GoldenHammer Contest we threw last year at JavaOne. Here’s the photo of Cam with the GoldenHammer Trophy and Duke’s choice award that he’s won before. (Thanks for the photo, Cam!) 🙂

The assignment of the GoldenHammer contest was to create and model the most complicated solution to a simple problem.

Here’s his winning model of app to tell what time it is.

(You can view these diagrams at on Astah Publish)

Too bad that we didn’t have this fun contest this year, but might come back next year.

At last, it was such great exhibition at JavaOne, thank you all very much for stopping by our booth and do not forget to activate the special license! – If you forgot how to do, please send us email. 🙂

– SJ

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