Change Vision Visited Oracle

On 101 to Oracle.

On 101 to Oracle.

Yesterday (Jan.21,2014) I visited Oracle at CVC (Customer Visit Center) to learn the future of JavaFX.

We have been developing Astah as a desktop application of Swing for the past 10+ years. Now we have a good customer base in Japan, Brazil, Germany, and other EU countries as well as in the US.

Our concern is how JavaFX is and will be treated in the whole Java strategy and how effectively we can integrate it with our application framework. In the meeting, I found JavaFX is considered highly as part of JavaSE and Oracle is committed to invest on it. Now we feel safer to put our engineering effort to improve our product Astah’s UI with JavaFX, although we need more internal discussion after I return to Japan.

After the meeting. From the right,  Nandini, me, Henrik,  Stevens, and Aurelio.

After the meeting. From the right, Nandini, me, Henrik, Stevens, and Aurelio.

Thank you very much Nandini Ramani and Henrik Stahl for taking the time for encouraging our adoption of JavaFX, and Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro for showing the big picture of Java SE, ME and JavaFX, and Stevens for showing empathy as a support(sustaining engineering) side for our problems and concerns.

Astah team's new year resolution calligraphy

Astah team’s new year resolution calligraphy

We showed our “new year resolution calligraphy” picture to Nandini in which everyone in our team saying something. Apparently I’m saying “JavaFX”! (read more about this Calligraphy…)

Now it has been more than 10 years since we’d started this Astah as our journey and we are feeling that now is the time to refresh our UIs into a modern design, using JavaFX as the possibility for the future platform.

Also I’d like to mention the atmosphere I felt there at the CVC, which was so welcoming and inviting for customers who are using Oracle technologies. I respect their customer relation designs.

At the reception of Oracle 500(Customer Visit Center)

At the reception of Oracle 500(Customer Visit Center)

Thank you very much Terada-san and Emi Ejiri-san for arranging the meeting at Oracle HQ, I was very satisfied with the meeting results. (as well as the great lunch!)

Coincidentally, I met Suzuki Yusuke-san who was attending the Oracle User Group Leadership meeting at the same hotel, and we three, Terada-san, Suzuki-san and I had a good dinner together.


With Yusuke Suzuki, Terada, and me

With Yusuke Suzuki, Terada, and me

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