Astah Version 6.8 Released!

We are pleased to announce that Astah’s latest version 6.8 has been released which includes over 45 Bug fixes and improvements/new features such as…

Astah Startup Screen– New start up screen (right top screenshot) that appears every time you launch Astah. It includes a list of diagrams and all you do is choose a diagram to start a new diagram. It also has a list of recent projects worked on to help load files quickly without needing to find it.
EntryPoint and ExitPoint in UML Statemachine diagram
– Time Constraint in Sequence Diagram
– Duration Constraint in Sequence Diagram
Entry Point and Exit Point in Statemachine Diagram (Right bottom screenshot)
– Activity Parameter Node in Activity Diagram
– Enable to hide Executive Specifications in Sequence Diagrams
– Enable to automatically align lifeline length
– Organization Guide in Structure Tree
– Enhanced alignment guide and resizing assist
– Align Lifeline length automatically
– Enable to create/edit Activity diagrams via Astah API…and more.

Take a look at the highlighted new feature in version 6.8 :
Read full release note: Astah Professional / Astah Community

Download version 6.8 Now : Astah Professional / Astah Community


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