Mind Mapping and ER Diagram Integration – convert Mind Map topics into ER Entities

One of Astah’s unique features is an integration of UML/DFD/ERD diagrams and Mind Maps. One example is to generate UseCase diagrams from Mind Map. Gather user requirements using a Mind Map and then convert them into Actors and UseCases. (Read this white paper for its practice or watch demo video if you are interested.)Astah_MindMap_to_UC

Check out the demo video!

And  today we received a new question regarding the conversion between Mind Map and ER Diagram.

“Can Mind Map topics be converted into ER Entities? like Parent topics as ER Entities and its child topics as its Attributes?”

Astah itself does not have its ability so we provided a way to do so using this Script Plug-in. Script Plug-in is a perfect and easiest way to add customized functionalities to Astah quickly. All you do is to write up its script and let it run in Astah. Java Script, ECMA Script and Apple Script are supported. We have some prepared Java Scripts for you such as to add Setters and Getters, stereotypes, list up all the Classes, Mind Map Topics..etc. Download Script Samples

Here is a sample of how Mind Map topics can be imported as ER Entities + Attributes.
First define the ER Entities and its attributes in Mind Map (ER Entity in the 1st level and its Attributes in the 2nd level) like the figure below.

Copy and paste this Script in Script Window and run.
Astah Mind Map

Then these Mind Map topics will be imported as ER Entities and its Attributes as defined.

Astah ER Diagram

To draw these ER models on the diagram, create or open an ER Diagram and just drag them onto the Diagram.

Astah ER Diagram

There are million things you can do by using this Script Plug-in. Refer to the API documents and customize your Astah to do more what you’d like to do!

PS: Thank you Eldo for requesting this feature that gave me a chance to introduce this useful Script Plug-in to more users. 🙂


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