Bug-fix version for Mac released! (Astah Professional and Astah Community)

macFor Mac users, we just released a bug-fix version for Astah Professional and Astah Community on August 18th(Mon) which has fixed the following two critical issues.
– Printing fails if an Instance Specification name ends with a non-ASCII character
– Astah hangs frequently when PopClip, BetterTouchTool, iSnap or Window Magnet are launched at the same time

If you are using Mac, please update your Astah.
Download (Re-download from here and install)

If you are using Karabiner, there are known issues as below.
– Astah launches in minimum window size when it is supposed to be in maximum size
– Unable to input by keyboard and all the menus go inactivate when creating new projects etc.

These issues will be fixed when you update your Karabiner to the next version which is planned to be released very soon.

If you have any questions, please email us or post your question on our Q&A form.


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