Impact Mapping – Making a big impact with software products and projects

Impact Mapping


Have you heard of “Impact Mapping”?

Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping is a strategic and collaborative planning technique for software products and projects designed by Mr. Gojko Adzic.


Impact Mapping Community

Many software products and projects result in fading without making any impacts despite of tremendous amount of time and money they spent. And there are common reasons to lead to the result such as wrong assumptions, lack of focus, poor communication of objectives, lack of understanding and misalignment with overall goals…etc. And the Impact Mapping overcomes all of those issues naturally by practicing and makes it a better way to deliver the software products. Also it is easy to adopt Impact Mapping as it nicely fits into current trends in software product management and release planning including goal-oriented requirements engineering, frequent iterative delivery, agile and lean software methods, lean startup product development cycles and design thinking.

Read and Learn!

Read his book ‘Impact Mapping’ and visit the impact mapping community here.

Japanese Translation

Kenji Hiranabe and I were very lucky and honored to get a chance to translate this book into Japanese to introduce this Impact Mapping to Japanese audiences and Kenji gave a presentation at Developers summit in Feb, 2014. And we made a short demo video of Impact Mapping so check it out. 🙂

Impact Mapping in Japanese sold out at the venue of developers summit book stand

Impact Mapping Japanese translation version was sold out at the book stand in the venue of Developers Summit 2014

Impact Mapping Demo!

To make it easier to start impact mapping, we’ve created a Template you can use in Astah Professional’s mind map. (Download template from here and open it in Astah Professional.)
Astah_Professional_Impact Mapping


Sample Map!

This is a sample Impact Map that is used in our demo video and created it a little bit further.


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