Install Astah Free Plugins easily!

Astah has many useful plugins to offer for free such as:

Script Plugin

Script Plugin

DB Reverse Engineering
C# Reverse Engineering
C++ Reverse Engineering
Easy Reverse Engineering of Java
Script Plugin (Easiest way to extend Astah’s functionalities)
– Integration with Atlassian Confluence and JIRA.. and more!!

Since version 6.8, installing plug-ins has become much easier! In version 6.7 or earlier, you had to go to [Help] – [Plugin List] and then click [Install] button and then select the plugin file (.jar file).

But since version 6.8, all you do is drag & drop the plugin file(.jar file) onto Astah directly!
A confirmation dialog opens, click [Yes] to complete its installation.





If you have “Easy Code Reverse Plug-in” (this reverses Java source code from repository such as Github, Bitbucket, Google Project Hosting just by drag & drop the URL or .java files directly in local workspace) already, when dropping the plug-in file onto Astah, a dialog below opens to ask you if you want to parse this .jar file. So select [No], then a confirmation dialog shown above appears to import it as a plug-in.





Take a look at Astah Plug-in list. All free!

Check out our Free Plug-ins!

Check out our Free Plug-ins!


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