Eclipse like [Task View] is now available in Astah

You can add Eclipse like [Task View] to Astah!
Big thanks to Shi-n, a member of Friends of Astah who developed a plug-in to made it possible!
Now you can add reminder notes, “to-do”s to specific models as you model and show them in a list.

smarter2 How to add Tasks to [Task View]

(1) Download this plug-in file

(2) Start Astah and go to [Help] – [Plugin List] – [Install] and select the plug-in file you downloaded at (1)

(3) Restart Astah, if you see [Task] view below the diagram editor, the installation completed successfully.

Eclipse Astah Task View

Installation completed if [Task] View is added below Diagram Editor.

(4) Create a Note on diagram

(5) In the Note, type your comment with [TODO] at the beginning

(6) The comment will be added in the [Task] view

Astah Task View List

Double-clicking the item in the list will open the diagram too.

smarter2 Create your own Plug-ins!

If you are interested in creating plug-ins for Astah, here’s the information you need!
Developing Astah Plug-ins
Astah Plug-in Development Tutorial


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