European alphabets in Mind Map will be replaced with question marks on PowerPoint 2016

Product & Version
– Astah Professional, SysML and GSN

When exporting Mind Map to PowerPoint (version 2016) by [Tools] – [Mindmap] – [Export PowerPoint] from Main Menu, some European alphabets and Euro signs would be turn into question marks.

Instead of using the export menu, copy and paste Mind Map topics to PowerPoint via Text editor with “Unicode” setting.

  1. Open Mind Map, and hit “[Ctrl] + A”  or select [Edit] – [Select All] from Main Menu to copy all the topics
  2. Unselect only the root topic
  3. Paste it onto Notepad – copied topics will shown as below keeping its structure.
  4. Select “Unicode” for Encoding and save this file with .ppt extension
  5. Open this .ppt file with PowerPoint

Then all the slides should appear correctly.
If you want to make a front cover with a root topic, insert a slide in the beginning
and directly type in.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bug ID
6709, 6772

Thank you Jarmo for your report!

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