[Fixed in 7.2] Unable to copy Mind Map

Product & Version

Astah Professional Version 7.1


Unable to copy Mind Maps if the Mind Map is using a customized style template that was created in version 7.0 or earlier.

About Customized Style Template
In Astah, you can create a style template for Mind Maps to produce your Mind Map in your favorite design, color, font..etc. from [Tools] – [Set Template] – [Mindmap Style].


Create Mindmap Style Template


Opening through the configuration windows of the Style Template will fix this issue. Please follow the step below.

  1. Go to [Tools] – [Set Template] – [Mindmap Style]
  2. [Set Mindmap Template] dialog opens, select the customized one that is used for Mind Maps that wouldn’t let you copy of.
  3. Click through all the menu on the left [Mindmap], [Topic], [Edge], [Boundary] and [Link] to open each setting and then click [Apply] – [OK].
  4. Re-apply this template from Mindmap’s pop-up menu [Select Mindmap Style] menu.

Bug ID

6771, 6782


This bug was fixed in version 7.2.


Thank you Arnaud for your report.

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