Improve usability in 8.0 ~ suggest feature ~

Hi there,
I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.

This time, I tell you the improvement on the suggest feature.

The suggest feature is a function to show icon buttons to create elements when an element is mouse over. Although it is a useful function, on the other hand, I think that you sometimes feel stressful.

First, we improved the condition that the button disappears when moving mouse to press the icon button.

Another is that the hover icon buttons don’t interfere with other operations. We improved the shown position of them for some elements. And we provide a new option “Hide suggest button when element is selected”. I think that the interfered operations are to change the size of diagram elements or replace of relationship. This option enables to hide the icon buttons in this case.


You can temporarily show the icon buttons with shift key.
I hope you do stress-free modeling with this option.
We will continue to make improvements on this feature.

Bye for now!

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