Let’s draw a high-density diagram

Hello everyone, this is Lily of astah development team.
I will tell you how to optimize your diagram.

Print preview the your diagram. This is set to shrink the diagram and print it on paper.

I printed this as PDF : Let_s draw a high-density diagram.pdf

These two diagrams have the same contents. This is output to the same paper size, but the figure on the right is easier to read. Even with the same content, you can make the diagram easier to read by bringing the elements closer together.

To make it the diagram on the right…

  1. Minimize all diagram elements
    • It is already minimum if the element setting is “Auto Resize”
  2. Move element closer

    • You can choose to useĀ Gap Expander / Remover or drag and drop element.
    • By pressing the push pin icon, you can lock the mode selected on the tool palette.
  3. Minimize frame

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