Introduction of UseCase Description

Everyone, are you writing usecase descriptions?
usecase description is text that specifically describes the contents of a usecase such as the actor’s movements and helps the understanding of it.
It can be created using Astah professional and Astah UML also.

It is created to accommodate the communication circumstances with people concerned, so it is not necessary, but we recommend writing it when you want to make clear the contents of the diagram.

■Create an UseCase Description

There are two ways to create UseCase Descriptions.

①:Click [Open UseCase Description] from UseCase on the diagram.


②:Click [Open UseCase Description] from UseCase’s Pop-up menu in the Structure Tree.

UseCase Description

■How to Create your own Template

1:Go to [Tools] – [Set Template] – [UseCase Description] from the Main Menu.UseCase Description

2:Create [New].

UseCase Description

3:Enter new template name and choose a template you want to customize based on.

UseCase Description

■Distribute customized template

In order to share customized template within team, export the customized template and distribute it to your team members. Anyone who received the template file, they can import it into Astah to apply.

UseCase Description












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