(Fixed in 8.2) A “Missing Shortcut” message pops up when you open a file chooser through Astah


Product and version

Astah ProfessionalUML and Viewer Version 8.0 an


If there are invalid shortcuts (e.x. the file that the shortcut points is gone…etc.) on the Desktop, a “Missing Shortcut” message appears when you open a file chooser through Astah. Currently, this issue is confirmed on Windows only and seems to be related to the bundled JDK’s bug – “Error while opening the JFileChooser when desktop contains shortcuts pointing to deleted files”.


A: Correct invalid shortcuts (Deleting or relocating the target file…etc.) – if deleting the shortcut didn’t help, try deleting it completely from Trash bin too.

B: Use Astah Version 8.0
(This does not happen with Astah Version 8.0. So please use Version 8.0 until this issue is fixed. Please make sure to uninstall Version 8.1 before you install Version 8.0.)
– Astah Professional V.8.0: https://members.change-vision.com/files/astah_professional/8_0_0
– Astah UML V.8.0: https://members.change-vision.com/files/astah_UML/8_0_0
– Astah Viewer V.8.0: https://members.change-vision.com/members/files/astah_viewer/8_0_0

Plan to fix

This bug has been fixed in version 8.2.

Bug ID


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